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Providence Alvira, Au.D.

Dr. Alvira has enjoyed her work in the field of audiology for more than 22 years. She is committed to improving the lives of her patients by empowering them with the tools they need for better communication. She believes that the most effective way to do this includes the use of hearing aids, implantable technology, assistive devices, and positive coping strategies. Most of her career has been primarily in a clinical environment working with physicians and providing services related to hearing aids, cochlear, and bone-anchored implantable devices, and the evaluation of hearing and balance. Dr. Alvira is pleased to be with Sonus Hearing Professionals because of the comprehensive, patient centered approach to hearing healthcare. She received a Master’s Degree from San Jose State University and is a graduate of the University of Florida Working Professional Doctorate in Audiology Program.

Gary Shasky, Au.D.

Dr. Shasky has worked in the hearing health care field for over 23 years and has fit over 2,000 patients with hearing loss with hearing aids. After an auto collision, Dr. Shasky was diagnosed with a mild hearing loss and tinnitus in his right ear and has worn a hearing aid for over 10 years. While at SDSU, his Master’s thesis involved a nationwide study in conjunction with the House Ear Institute to define the incidence and treatment outcomes for patients with perilymphatic fistula (PLF), a condition that can occur from barometric pressure changes (as in scuba diving), head injury, as well as a variety of other causes, and can result in sudden hearing loss and dizziness/vertigo. When not working, Dr. Shasky enjoys playing music with his son and other friends, as well as walks on the beach and body surfing (when the water isn’t too cold). Initially, he became an audiologist to help hard of hearing individuals better enjoy music. His passion for improving the quality of people’s lives through better hearing continues to grow with every new patient.

Elaine Anderson, HIS

Elaine Anderson has been in the hearing care field for over 22 years. Her career began as Office Manager for San Diego Hearing Dispensary in 1994. She joined Sonus as a Senior Patient Care Coordinator/Trainer in 1997. After 14 years, she realized how much she loved the hearing healthcare field and became a Hearing Aid Dispenser. At 19 years old, Elaine worked as a Certified Home Health Nurse and Certified Nurse Assistant. She can also speak some Spanish and Tagalog. Taking care of people and being in the medical field has always been something she enjoyed and found satisfaction in. Discovering the world of hearing healthcare at the age of 22, she grew to love the challenges that came with the great feeling of helping people who suffer from hearing loss. When she’s not in the office, Elaine enjoys spending time with her 2 grandchildren.

Kelle Davis, HIS

Kelle Davis is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist and has been in the hearing industry since 2002. She has conducted comprehensive hearing evaluations and has assisted thousands of individuals in receiving the gift of better hearing. Her goal as your hearing health care provider is to work hard to make hearing easy. She is confident and diligent in seeing that those with hearing loss are gaining improvement in the quality of their hearing. Kelle’s grandmother had a profound hearing loss and as a child she saw first-hand the impact hearing loss has on the quality of one’s life as well as their loved ones. Kelle enjoys spending time with her husband of 16 years, doing volunteer work, singing, and writing poetry in her down time. She welcomes you and looks forward to being entrusted with your hearing health care!

Charity Herrera, M.S.

Charity Herrera has been improving the lives of her patients for over 20 years.  She is a seasoned Audiologist who takes a blended approach of scientific evidence and patient’s anecdotal evidence to hearing better.  Charity takes special care to involve the patient’s friends and family in the hearing health care process aiming to create a support network for the hearing impaired.  Charity gets up every morning with the goal of making a positive impact on the lives of those she interacts with.  She was raised by her grandparents and shares their compassion for helping people achieve their best self as they did for her.

She aims to educate and treat each patient individually as no two ears are alike.  She agrees that communication is not just about hearing words, it is about connection.  When you are hearing impaired you may feel isolated or disconnected from the people that you love.  Charity strives to mend and maintain those connections through better hearing.

Manuel “Manny” Anaya, HIS

Manny is a San Diego native who graduated from San Diego State University. He decided to pursue a career as a Hearing Aid Specialist after dealing with a hearing loss of his own. Manny’s hearing loss was due to exostosis, which is a condition that is caused from extended exposure to cold water while swimming and surfing. Manny’s hearing was restored to normal by an operation and his passion to work in the hearing health care field was fueled. Manny later graduated from a Hearing Aid Specialist program in Spokane, Washington. As part of his educational journey Manny worked as intern with Sonus Hearing Care Professionals for two years. During his internship at Sonus, Manny worked under the guide of four seasoned Audiologists, all of whom have more than a decade of experience in the field. “I enjoy helping people hear again so that they can get back to having excellent communication with all of their loved ones. I understand what it is like to have hearing loss. On top of having a passion for helping people, I also enjoy working with all of the latest technology that hearing aids have to offer”.

Wendy Hanson, HIS

Wendy Hanson is a state licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. She began her career with Sonus Hearing Care Professionals 3 years ago as a Patient Care Coordinator. Building relationships with clients over time and gaining insight into the world of hearing challenges helped Wendy discover a passion to be of service in the hearing industry and move into the role of a provider.

Originally a military brat, Wendy travelled extensively as a child courtesy of the United States Marine Corps. Settling in Southern California, she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from San Diego State University. Wendy began her career working with children through the Department of Social Services. With a background in counseling and education, Wendy is committed to delivering compassionate and quality hearing health care.

The ever changing technology in the hearing industry fuels Wendy’s love of learning and the ability to help others in the field of hearing health care is Wendy’s great privilege.

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