Sonus Solutions®

Are you ready to commit yourself to better hearing health? Our line-up of Sonus Solutions® offers a variety of high-quality devices to choose from to ensure you get the right hearing aid for your lifestyle and hearing loss!

When we recommend a hearing solution for you we take a number of factors into account, including: your lifestyle and activity needs, your dexterity level (small, discreet hearing aids means even smaller batteries), your budget, your aesthetic desires, and what you personally want from your device!

Any Sonus Solution® purchased at our office Includes:

  • Up to three-year manufacturer repair warranty
  • Up to three-year loss and damage protection
  • Up to a three-year supply of batteries
  • Up to three-year in-office maintenance
  • 75-day trial period

There are additional benefits offered with certain Sonus Solutions®. Talk more with your hearing specialist to determine if your device is eligible!
In addition to helping you find the right hearing solution for you, we offer regular check-ups to make certain your device is in optimal shape.
When you select a Sonus Solution®, you are making an important investment in the quality of your life.

Protect your hearing devices with a Sonus Solution® today.


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